Inauguration of Atrai River Dredging Project

The inauguration of the Atrai River Dredging Project was held on 16 th November, 2017. The program was attended by honorable Minister from the Ministry of Shipping, Mr Shahjahan Khan, Chairman of BIWTA, management officials of IBC Power Ltd. and delegates of various dredger suppliers. The project has been initiated by the Ministry of Shipping to be implemented under the supervision of BIWTA and is being undertaken by Dockyard and Engineering Works Ltd., a concern of Bangladesh Navy and its implementation partner IBC Power Ltd.

The dredging works are to be held in various parts of the Atrai River spanning a distance through five districts, namely Panchagarh, Dinajpur, Naogaon, Natore and Pabna. The project duration was decided to run a course of twenty four months from the date of commencement.

Inauguration of Mongla Pakshi River Route Dredging Project

On the 5 th of November, 2017, the Mongla-Pakshi River Route Dredging Project was inaugurated by honorable Minister Mr Shahjahan Khan, Ministry of Shipping accompanied by honorable Member of Parliament Mr Naimur Rahman Durjoy and several dignitaries from BIWTA and Bangladesh Navy. Management officials from IBC Power Ltd. including the Managing Director and the CEO along with delegates of various dredger suppliers were also present in the event. This inauguration marked the launching of the biggest dredging project in Bangladesh which is supposed to run a course of eight years where both capital and maintenance dredging will be done.

The purpose of the project is to keep the navigability of the river route from Mongla port to Pakhsi, where the much awaited Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant is supposed to be established. The ministry of shipping initiated the project and NKFTCL a concern of Bangladesh Navy implemented the work and handed over the task to various contractors to execute the task physically. IBC Power Ltd and its associate company Western Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd. are accountable for 40% of the work.

Chairman & Vice Chairman of DAMEN SHIPYARDS visits IBC Kushtia Project Site

The honorable Chairman, Vice Chairman and Regional Manager of Damen Shipyards (largest ship building company in Netherlands), visited our Mongla-Pakshi River Route Dredging Project early in 2018. They were accompanied by the Chairman, Managing Director, CEO, Chief Engineer of IBC Power Ltd. Together they discussed the future prospects of dredging in Bangladesh and how to maximize the efficiency. The visitors were very pleased to see how the proper utilization of their machines and equipment were playing a big role in the betterment of the country. Later that evening everyone came together for a dinner party hosted by IBC Power Ltd. There they concluded that, the application of state of the art equipment is necessary for increasing productivity in the dredging sector. The representatives of Damen Shipyards expressed their eagerness to further support IBC Power Ltd. in its endeavors.